A Sexless Wife Finds Pleasures
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A Sexless Wife Finds Pleasures

Synopsis A Sexless Wife Finds Pleasures

“I’ve never been touched so gently like this…” A man’s finger is fondling my soft fair skin that turns pink. When he rubs me over my panties, I moan spontaneously…! My husband won’t touch me anymore, says Nozomi, a married woman, to her best friend. Then, her friend recommends her “a sexual beauty treatment salon for women.” Nozomi, who can’t stand being sexless day after day, books a beauty treatment session, but the esthetician who shows up in front of her is Keita Igarashi, her former classmate!? “Your skin is beautiful.” Keita’s compassionate massage loosens up Nozomi’s tense body. He takes off her panties and rubs her exposed private areas…!

Chapter A Sexless Wife Finds Pleasures