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A Friendship So Impure

Synopsis A Friendship So Impure

[Mature Audiences Only] Siyeong and Jihoo are “just friends.” At least, that’s what Siyeong tells herself before they share a steamy night that redefines their relationship forever. How was she supposed to know that the guy who invited her to work at his company, hasn’t dated anyone in almost a decade, and has been pining for her since college might want more? Still, being upset with her lying boyfriend was no excuse for the drunken night she had with her pseudo-friend-zoned boss. Now Siyeong is torn between the man she’s loved for the past nine years and the one who was by her side through everything. Can she find the will to forgive the very person who sent her running into the arms of another man, or will she fall head over heels for her longtime friend and risk losing him forever?