She’s in Her 30s but Weak to Sex!?
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She’s in Her 30s but Weak to Sex!?

Synopsis She’s in Her 30s but Weak to Sex!?

“When landlord of a rundown apartment building, Chiaki Kusakabe, returns to his room after finishing cleaning for the day, he is shocked to find a gigantic water leak coming from the second floor! His upstairs neighbor, a troublemaker named Nao, is the only possible culprit, and he dashes to her room to investigate. But in a bizarre twist, he finds her on the floor, completely nude! Crazier still, upon approaching her he suddenly slips and falls, and before he knows it, he’s completely inside her! “”I said, stop…!”” Nao, try as she might to resist Kusakabe as he fondles her soft body and licks her perky nipples, looks up at him with reddened cheeks and glassy eyes… There is no way he’ll be able to stop himself from pounding her soaked pussy!”