My Swimsuit Slipped… and It Went In!? Color
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My Swimsuit Slipped… and It Went In!?

Synopsis My Swimsuit Slipped… and It Went In!?

“We’re at practice… and yet… ah… nnh!” Skin to skin, tightly stuck to one another underwater, the performance continues despite the pair fucking each other!Although he is male, Hiroto is forced to join the girls’ synchronized swimming club, where on his first day he meets and gets into an argument with Meiko, a club member who famously hates men. As punishment, the two are forced to clean the pool together, during which Meiko is mortified to find that her clothes have become wet and see-through!”We’ll never be able to swim together if I can’t get over this,” she admits, and for the sake of conquering her prejudices… starts having sex with him!? Stubbornly refusing to give in, she writhes in ecstasy despite her attempts to hold back as he caresses her entire body. “Th-this… ngh! Doesn’t… feel good at all!” But this reaction of hers is too cute to bear, and so Hiroto begins concentrating on squeezing her tits! Unable to stop himself, his fingertips begin reaching out for her soaked and sensitive privates…!!