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Bathhouse Cowgirl Sex!

Synopsis Bathhouse Cowgirl Sex!

“His childhood friend’s nipples stiffen, and the dirty juices overflowing from her pussy begin coating his fingers. This is taking a turn… All he wanted was to tease her, but now he’s getting horny, too! Masato works at his family home, an old public bathhouse. After hours one night, when he goes to clean the baths, he’s shocked to walk in on his childhood friend and college classmate Chihiro, right in the middle of washing her hair! Because she’s always made fun of him, Masato hatches a plan to prank her by pretending to be one of her girl friends. As he begins by giving her a “boob massage”… suddenly, she starts moaning in an unusually cute tone of voice that sends Masato’s crotch throbbing!! “If this goes on any longer, I’m… really gonna cum…!”