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A Baby’S Nest

Synopsis A Baby’S Nest

A Baby’S Nest Manga – A Baby’S Nest Manhwa – A Baby’S Nest Webtoon – A Baby’S Nest Comic – A Baby’S Nest Raw Wang-gu a single father of twin baby girls, is juggling a demanding job and raising his daughters who are keeping him up at night, with his daughters refusing to take bottled baby milk, He decides to ask for advice on a website called baby sitter, where people recommend he feed them breast milk, Which turns out to be a problem since he can’t feed them breast milk as he is a single father, but a particular advisor recommends a place where he could buy breast milk, after buying the milk Wang-gu is surprised by The seller of the breast milk. A woman named Woo-hee, who lives in a fancy mansion. Woo-hee wakes up something in Wang-gu that has been asleep for a long time, the only problem is that woo-hee is in a relationship with an abusive egomaniac